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Great London Scot Awards

The St Andrew's Day at The Savoy celebrations for Scots in London has been running since 2013. We supply awards for this wonderful event - the impressive Lion Rampant. There is a larger perpetual trophy and a smaller trophy that the recipient keeps.

The work was commissioned by Chairman Sir David Reid for artist Ellinor Atkinson, Partner of Thomas & Peters

More on the Great London Scot Awards.

Swansea FC commission – Ivor Allchurch Sculpture

This literally larger-than-life portrait of the Welsh international Ivor Allchurch MBE stands outside the 20,000 capacity Liberty Stadium, home to Swansea FC.

Thomas & Peters worked with Ivor’s widow Esme using a lifetime’s photographs to inspire the artist Michael Field to create this very fine 6ft portrait.

This is a major sculpture which required the highest level of creativity, technical skill and project management expertise. Needless to say, it was completed on time and to budget.

Tesco -  commissioned  badger trophies used in charitable events

The badger is the logo for Tesco’s major charity fundraising programme which generates major sums  for good causes through sporting events.

These beautifully-detailed creatures were sculpted by Thomas & Peters in-house sculptor Ellinor Atkinson, who works exclusively for us. The badgers' skis represent a recent event in Switzerland. The creatures have also appeared at golf events with the ubiquitous pin flag in their little paws.

HM Treasury - Coat of Arms

Sculpted by Ellinor Atkinson the HM Treasury Coat of Arms was commissioned for the refurbishment of the Treasury's headquarters at 1 Horse Guards Road.

Here we see the Coat of Arms in the entrance to the Treasury. This intricate piece took huge skill and hundreds of hours to sculpt and cast.

HM Treasury - Balustrade

The balustrade that sweeps from the entrance of HM Treasury was designed by Norman Foster and produced by Thomas and Peters to compliment the impressive facade of 1 Horse Guards Road.

The simple elegant design combines modern aesthetics and functionality with a classic look that does not look out of place at the entrance of this listed building.

Formby Golf Club - Centenary Trophy

The Hare, cast in foundry bronze, is a reworking of the Formby Golf Club's trademark image.The running hare shown here was created on the occasion of the Club's Centenary in 2010.

Thomas & Peters had long been a supplier of golf trophies to the club and this proved a jumping-off point for the club to decide on a commission piece. As a foundry-cast piece, The Hare was sculpted by Thomas & Peters' in-house artist Ellinor Atkinson, and the remainder of the process project managed by our team. Many of our pieces are created using our Registered Float Bronze cold-casting technique. This can create a very similar finish at a lower cost.

Aldershot Garrison Trophy

The impressive commemorative work was commissioned by the Aldershot Army Garrison Officers Mess to mark 150 years of being stationed in Hampshire and also celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. This finely detailed piece is cast in sterling silver.

Commemoration Plaque - HM Treasury Refurbishment

To mark the completion of refurbishment to the HM Treasury's building at 100 Parliament Street Thomas and Peters received a commission to sculpt a plaque for the official opening by Gordon Brown. This detailed rendition of the exterior of the building complete with the cranes that were on location day and night for several months is now mounted inside the entrance to the building.

Community Commission – The Hug

This outstanding bronze sculpture by Ellinor Atkinson represents a highly successful collaboration between Thomas & Peters and The Wavell School in Farnborough, Hampshire.

To successfully pull off a detailed brief such as the one which came with this commission requires technical and creative skill,  flexibility, constant communication and excellent project management skills. This is exactly what we applied to the job - and our clients were delighted.

This original artwork, which at 3ft tall is a major artwork, is displayed in the school quad and celebrates its 40th anniversary. The piece expresses the school ethos in physical form - the philosophy of embracing all children whether their strengths are academic, practical or sporting.

Scottish Grocer Awards – basket of goods trophy

This original piece was created for The Scottish Grocer Awards,  a major annual event at which the best performers in their sector are recognised.

This intricately-sculpted award was made from scratch by the artist Ellinor Atkinson – with an eye for the major brands which sponsor the awards.

The casting is beautifully detailed and cast in real bronze. It was mounted on smooth columns of natural Burlington Blue Lakeland slate.

The casting is beautifully detailed and cast in real bronze. It was mounted on smooth columns of natural Burlington Blue Lakeland slate.


This event is organised annually by Scottish Licenced Trade News.

The highly polished stainless steel Corkscrews mounted on black Cumbrian Slate are awarded to 25 different catagories of trades in Licenced goods for the best retailers or users of licenced goods throughout Scotland. It is an annual event held in Glasgow with about 750 people within the trade, both sellers and suppliers attending the occasion.